Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Raft- 3/20

I am hoping that for 3rd trimester we get to keep using the blog. I like it. It makes homework more exciting. Whooo. Although, in class, it would be nice if homework for that night was a bit better outlined.

For spring break I went on a cruise! It was a lot of fun! There was constant food... ICE CREAM MACHINES! I am pretty sure that I gained some weight on this trip. Every single meal I stuffed myself so full I thought I was going to puke. Mmmm... We stopped at San Juan, Puerto Rico. We got there at like 5 pm so we didnt get to see all that much of it. It seemed dirty. There were lots of little shops everywhere and a really creepy guy that barked at a lady. Quite weird. Then we went in this one shop and in knocked a bunch of things off the shelf then the owner kind of yelled at me. Oops. Then I left that shop. We also stopped at St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Both were very beautiful and had lots of very cute little shops. I must say that I like St. Maarten a little better though. On St. Thomas we went to one of the top 10 prettiest beaches, Magens Bay, and layed in the sun all day. It was nice. After the cruise we stayed in Miami Beach for 2 days because we couldn't get a flight back. Again, lots of laying in the sun and playing in the ocean. But the ocean here was very cold so I just floated in my inner tube and almost fell off a few times from the waves. Well I am getting board and I think that this is long enough so I am going to be done now.

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