Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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"Animal Advocates Fight to Keep Horses Off the Menu" -Scott Gold

Since the outbreak of mad cow disease in Europe, horse meat has been at a higher demand in the United States and Canada, but there is a strong movement to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption in the United States. California was the first state. Because of this higher demand, the price of horse meat has risen from 50 cents per pound, up to 60 cents per pound. In this movement, they are also trying to help the wild horses that have been round up and sold at auction. They would like to make that illegal as well for the wild horses to go to slaughter. In the United States, horses are not thought of as a food animal, such as pig or cow, they are thought of as a pet -its like sending your dog or cat to the slaughter when you are done with it. In the United States, its just not right.

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