Sunday, May 20, 2007

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"from Englsih Paddock to French Plate; As Gordon Ramsay Backs Eating Horse Meat, We Reveal How Thousands of Retired British Race Horses are Slaughtered and Sent to the Dining Tables of France" -Tom Rawstorne

Horse butcher shops are opening daily around France to serve those who decied to eat this meat. Many of theses horses are failed or injured race horses that once were worth tens of thousands of dollars. Though the transporting conditions may be rough for the horses, the actual death is as quick and painless as possible. The horse is first lead into a 12 by 12 foot metal stall, then shot in the brain with a .22 rifle, with a bullet designed to do maximum damage and insure instant death. They are then lifted up by their hindquarters and have their throat cut, and the slaughtermen get to work until only a carcass of meat remains.

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