Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 3: Tartan Problem

-Tartan Highschool students are skipping class.

-The office T.A.s have been bringing many pink slips to classrooms usually indicating a missed/skipped class.
-Some kids you see in the beginning of the day and end, but are gone in the middle.
-You actually see people leaving school.
-You also see people coming in school.

Contribuing Factors:
-People want to skip class to miss a test they are not ready for.
-To go have fun with friends.
-If there is a substitute teacher they think that they can get away with it easily.

-Have more teachers/staff "on guard" during passing time. Have them block the door ways.
-Have more severe punishments if caught skipping class.

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Brian's Blog said...

Nice job on the tartan problem but it would be better if you typed it in paragraph form instead of a list...

Brian N.